12 November 2006

Day Twelve - Day Trippin'

We went to visit friends in Sacramento today. We were three hours late. Here's why! The Boog was being a total Boog last night, awake every freakin' two hours. He's been demoted from 7-month old to 2-month old. I was a zombie this morning. Capital Z - O - M - BEEEEEE. My angelic hubby took him away after the morning feed and let me sleep for three hours! All by myself! With earplugs! I woke up at 10. And hubby had done the dishes! And put the Boog down for a nap! I am so loving my hubby today.

Our visit to said Sacramento friends was nice, albeit a bit odd. Have you ever gone to visit friends and the tension is so thick you can swim through it? I was going to say "cut it with a knife," but I didn't. Because it makes me think of the Bryan Adams song, and we don't want that silly song floating around in our head, do we? Damn, too late. Anyhoo, the tension, yes. Like they got in a big argument before we arrived. And now have to be all hostess-y and stuff.

The Boog was reinstated as a 7-month old about three hours in to our visit, when he rubbed his little eyes and gave us the excuse to excuse ourselves. Yay, Boog! Having a baby opens up this whole new world of excuses to parents:

"Sorry we're late. His nap ran longer than usual."
"We need to get going. It's past his nap time."
"We're running a bit late. The Boog still nursing/being fussy/[insert made-up reason here]"

I know. It's sneaky and deceitful. And you can keep your comments to yourself, readers.

Oh, and on a totally different note: Has anyone seen "The Polar Express"? I just did, yesterday. I've renamed it "Death Trap Express". Those children almost lost their lives at least ten times during the course of this film. Is this a children's film? Really? Just wondering.

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erica said...

I read this post but you said not to comment. But then I had that Bryan Adams song stuck in my head so I thought I'd comment anyway and tell you about it. :p~

But now I don't have it in my head anymore because I read through some of your posts and the one of your baby giggling? CRACKED ME UP!! And my hubby too. AWESOME!!! (found you via the randomizer)