10 November 2006

Day Ten - My Story, cont.

Dude! The month is, like, a third of the way done already!

Previously, on "My Story"... Duh! See yesterday's post, silly!

Returning from Saudi Arabia at the tender age of 15 brought me back to Orange County in Southern California, crashing into high school and the strange environs of that whole culture. I made some lifelong friends and have more pictures of my claw bangs than I care to admit. Good times.

Due to all the traipsing around the world with my family that I accomplished before graduating high school, I was forever bitten by the bug of wanderlust. Being a poor college student, my travels consisted of weekend visits to my parents and their washer and dryer. Oh, and moving to new apartments every 6 months or so. I also enjoyed transferring to college after college, arbitrarily changing majors when it suited me. Ah, the follies of youth. I ended up at Cal Poly Pomona for a few years as an Electrical Engineer major, which came to an end when I decided that intense competition with dorky electrical engineer majors was a drag and was totally harshing my gig. Dude.

I floated about in McJobs for a couple more years, and then up and left for Lake Tahoe, to teach little people how to ski. That kicked ass. Too bad the hourly rate for such a career was miniscule. The free season's pass helped me get over the hump (pun intended) of skiing mediocrity, though. My fear of the mogul was overcome. Get it? Hump? Mogul?


Snow melts and ski instructors lose their jobs. Such is the life of a slacker. Moved down to San Francisco. Found a "real" job to pay rent and bills and mixed drinks at The Makeout Room in the Mission. Stayed in real job for close to ten years, paying off debt and finishing degree, which ended up being in Accounting.

Have finally obtained dream job of motherhood through a very thorough search for appropriate husband/father (check), and quitting icky office job (check) to work for new, and quite chubby, boss. I love my new job.

Livin' the dream, my friends! (That last bit is for your benefit, Meigan!)

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sasha said...

Wow, we've lived in lots of the same places...I'm a recent refugee from the OC too!