16 November 2006

Day Sixteen - Netflix-a-go-go

Today I am giving props to Netflix. Thanks to this marvelous machine of movie mailings, being a breastfeeding mother is never a lonely thing. Don't get me wrong; I adore the bonding experience that nursing provides me and my son. But he eats often, and after counting any new eyelashes and playing thumb wars with him for the first few minutes, I start looking around for something to multi-task. Old habits die hard, you know? After ten years of "wearing many hats" in a small office?

But I digress. Netflix. DVDs of TV shows are actually a favorite in this household. Several episodes on a disc, no commercials, and the availability of a series that you may never have had, in the past, the chance in which to invest your time. For me, it started with Buffy. Then Angel. Then Alias. Then Rob moved in, and we had "weekends of sloth", watching an entire season of 24 in the course of two days. I've heard of people that are even more hard-core than that, watching a season in 24 hours. Dude! That requires some teamwork. Someone to get snacks, coordinating bathroom breaks, phoning in a pizza delivery? I'd like to talk with someone who has done that, out of mere curiosity for logistics.

When I got pregnant, we knew (yet it remained unspoken) that our weekends of sloth would be coming to an end. We actually were already weaning ourselves, going down to only a "day of sloth" on weekends, with the other day reserved for laundry, Costco trips, errands, and fresh air. And the occasional social event. We sound like shut-ins, but we like to call ourselves "homebodies". Now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I am always hoping for weekends packed with activities AWAY from the house, and poor Rob just wants to sit in a comfy chair with his laptop and relax in his castle. I say "poor" Rob because I usually get my way, and I end up dragging him on this errand and that car ride.

Digressing yet again. The Boog was born. He slept a lot. To our delight, our days of sloth continued! Hooray! We began the Star Trek Voyager series. Watched the entire seven (?) seasons over the course of a couple of months. We could hang out at home, the Boog would attach himself to me every hour or two, snuggle up in my arms and go back to sleep.

Fast-forward to present day. The Boog just turned seven months old. He's sitting up on his own, and probably crawling within a month. The days of sloth are basically over. It was good while it lasted. I now get "minutes of sloth" while he's nursing, and then? After he has been put to bed? We are able to begin Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I think there are seven seasons of that as well, if memory serves. We should be done with the series by the year 2010.


sari said...

Ah, the good nursing times.

I took up Gameboy games when I had Eight. And read a LOT of books, though it's hard to read the heavy ones with only one hand. This continued through Four (who also nursed).

Now I know what to call it when I get up at 6AM - my "sloth" time. :-)

sasha said...

I miss nursing only because I miss reading. They never let me do it anymore.

I took advantage of netflix/boob time to watch The Sopranos and Queer as Folk.

Whether I've achieved my dream of raising gay mobsters remains to be seen.

LynAnne said...

Great post! I'm so addicted to Netflix. I love not chasing kids through the video store while my husband takes 5 hours to pick out a movie. Then, not having to drag the babes out into the cold to return a movie? Priceless!