15 November 2006

Day Fifteen - Why the Boog is a Boog

Woo hoo! Halfway to NaBloPoMo success! I am having such a good time. And the Randomizer? Because of that awesome piece of technology, I am reading so much great stuff and meeting other bloggers via the comment sections! Okay, on to today's subject.

Sari asked me why I call my son Boog. Sweet! Something to write about on day fifteen!

To answer your question, we've called him Boog since he was in my belly. It started as "Bree", short for embryo. Then when he became a fetus, we changed it to Cletus, cause it rhymes with fetus, but that didn't stick. Maybe because of this.

Rob started calling him a booger when he started waking me up in the middle of the night with the kicking and the pushing on the bladder, which also woke Rob up. Not the kicking and the bladder stuff, but me getting up to pee and jostling the bed.

This term, booger, was shortened to Boog somewhere during the course of the pregnancy. After he was born, we found that Boog was an appropriate and easy pet name for him. Over time, several variations on the name evolved:

Mister Boog (used most often)
Herr Boogenschtein
Das Boog

Oh, and it's pronounced with the o's like in "good", not "tool". Just a little FYI.

The End.

UPDATE: After reading this to Rob, he requested that I list some of the Boog's songs that we sing to him involving the word Boog, Boogie, etc:

Boogie Fever, by The Sylvers
Boogie Nights, by Heat Wave
Little Deuce Coupe, by The Beach Boys (we changed the lyrics to suit us on this one as follows: He's a boog-a-boog boog, he's a boogidy boog...)


sari said...

Thank you!

He is so cute and juicy, I can see why you just want to eat him up!!


sari said...


You'd better post soon!


Disgruntled Owl said...

I'm sitting here eating cereal and laughing at "boog-a-boog boog, he's a boogidy boog..." and trying desperately to not dribble milk down my chin.

Sveedish: 1
Milk: 0

*cheers for your blog*

sasha said...

Joey started life in the womb as "the wootie." Shortly after birth he was renamed "jo-jo-bee" by my sister. It stuck.

JMom said...

what an endearing story of how you came up with his name! He is soo cute, I don't blame you for eating him up when no one's looking ;)

btw, enjoyed reading your blog, I can't believe you started out blogging everyday! I've also added you to my blogroll of mostly mommy bloggers, so I'll be back for more.

Genie said...

My old brother has always been called "The Booger" (like he was some rock star or something). My mother asked him when he was in 2nd grade if his friend Dicken (born Richard) was in his class because she hadn't heard his name during roll call. He retorted, "You didn't hear them call out Booger either, did you?"

You can hear my mother call him Booger in our Christmas recording from 1981.

Found you through NaBloPoMo randomizer and really enjoy your entries. Keep it up, only 9 more days!