06 November 2006

Costco Trip

The Boog had his first shopping cart ride yesterday, at Costco. I cannot repeat it in my head often enough: I love seeing the world through my child's eyes. His new vantage point was visibly intriguing to him. He has also recently begun looking straight up, at the sky, the ceiling, blinding himself while staring at bright ceiling lights.

We usually put him in the Baby Bjorn for trips such as these, which is a whole other experience. I love the fact that I don't even have to see his face to know that he's excited about something he's looking at. He just kicks his little legs and makes some random cute baby noise. Awww.

Okay, I'm done with the cuteness.

I filled out my absent voter ballot today. The whole purpose of the "absent" bit was to avoid the stupid lines at the poll with the Boog. But I have to drop it off at a polling place anyways now, since it's too late to mail. Ah, the wonders and convenience of procrastination.

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