30 October 2006

Sunday Matinee

My husband Rob invited his coworker over to watch Ben Hur over the weekend. This coworker (we'll call him Tim) has been here before, about two months ago, for dinner. His two hour visit was filled with a one-sided conversation about him and his accomplishments, accolades and overall awesomeness discussed in great detail. What a delightful guest!

So Tim comes over to watch Ben Hur, which he owns on DVD and dare I say quite possibly also has personally honored with a shrine in his own home. My assumption is based on several facts: he was super jazzed to be popping Rob's Ben Hur Cherry (my own term), informed us that if he had a few drinks, he would openly weep during specific scenes in the film, he knew way too much trivia about the production of the movie, and he mentioned more times than necessary that he had met Charlton Heston.

Ellen Degeneres has a bit in one of her stand up routines where she talks about the annoying people at the movies. There's always the friend that you unknowingly accompany to a movie that ends up talking and asking questions for the duration of the film. Tim is such a person. Only he is even more annoying in that he has already seen this film countless times, and feels the need to narrate alongside each and every sentence of dialog, each scene containing emotion-filled silence, and a running behind-the-scenes commentary ad nauseum:

"Okay, do you see that look he gave him? Look at him looking at the other guy."

"The desert was really that hot while they were filming. That's real sweat on his body!"


The movie was quite long.


Michael C said...

Oh I wish I could have been there for that event. And of all the movies, Ben Hur, really?

Granted I have started wikipediaing (my phrase) John Wayne movies before I watch them so that I can share little tidbits. I can assure you the effective tonight though, that little practice is o-vah!!!


Smaktakula said...

I'm afraid I can be that person as well, but since I'm an unrepentant hypocrite, I really can't be bothered with that.

I remember when the original Batman came out, the guy I went to see it with insisted on saying 'I'm Batman' at the same time Batman did. It didn't ruin the movie for me, it was just a tad sad.