19 November 2010

Teensy Planet

Every so often the words, "I have a blog" appear in my conversations, which always sounds so lame to me. But the last few times that phrase surfaced was when I was recounting a Small World story for someone. I am fascinated by small world stories - is that weird? I just think it is so amazing to find out that you and a friend have a mutual friend by some freakish, random coincidence. And my "I have a blog" phrase leads straight into one of these instances. Read on, if you want to have your MIND BLOWN AWAY at the crazy small world story...

So, I have a blog. And a couple of years ago, during the November NaBloPoMo (which I am sucking at this year, btw) my blog was stumbled upon by one lovely Sasha, who also has a blog. She commented on a post, and I felt like Navin R. Johnson on phone book delivery day. She and I became online friends. We both originated from Orange County (that's in Southern CA for you out-of-staters), and coincidentally, were both in Northern CA at that time. We'd planned on getting together, but nothing ended up getting planned. I moved back down to Southern CA with my then-husband and our Boog, and shortly after that, Sasha moved down with her family.

We finally had a meet and greet. And a friendship was born. Later, we became Facebook buddies as well. Because everything revolves around Facebook. And one day, Sasha's friend is at her house for a visit, and sees her Facebook page on her computer and sees my name there. And she remarks that there cannot possibly be two people with the name Eva Green* in the world, seeing as how it is so unique and all.

And wouldn't you know, it turns out to be an old friend of mine from high school who was on the Colorguard team with me. And she is good friends with someone I met online while in Northern California.

So awesome and freakishly random. I have more if you want to read 'em. And please share yours!

* Name changed to protect the guilty.

12 November 2010

Friday Flotsam

Something worth sharing today:

Regarding my last post and Linda's comment reminded me of this. Go straight to 10:20 for the "little buddies" bit. Watch the whole thing for a good laugh - I miss Phil. :(

09 November 2010

Old Habits Die Harder (with a vengeance?)

Have you ever tried to quit a habit that was bad for you?

I have. For years, I tried to quit smoking. I started when I was 17; such an impressionable young age, 17. It was Spring Break, my senior year in high school. My friend Gail was already a seasoned smoker (she had bought her own pack!) and offered me a smoke one day while we were working on our tans at the beach.

After that, I would smoke at the beach. I would bum cigarettes at parties. Then I bought my own pack. Then I found a favorite brand. And thus the habit was fully realized. For the next 17 years.

Sometimes I dated smokers, sometimes I didn't. Dating a smoker was always preferred. Because come on: smoking after sex? Awesome. Smoking on the front steps after dinner? So choice. Smoking INSIDE their apartment because they're a smoker too? Love it. When I dated a non-smoker, it was exhausting. Go outside to smoke ALL THE TIME. By myself. Experience the cringing when you kiss them after a cigarette because EWW, my breath stinks. Brushing my teeth a lot, chewing minty gum a lot, popping Altoids like a bored wife of a neurosurgeon pops Valium. You get the picture.

Then, along comes a boyfriend that smokes. And then somehow we both seem to be ready to not be smoking anymore! So we decide to quit together. I go on the patch. He opts for the gum. I kept my last pack in my glove box in the car (because why? No clue - what is it about clinging to that "emergency pack"? So stupid.) and during a weak moment a few days into quitting I light up, take a long drag, cough, hate it, and toss it out the window. And that was the last cigarette I ever had.

For the last, what, six years (?) I have avoided smoking like the plague. I am the most obnoxious ex-smoker. I hate the smell of smoke when passing someone on the sidewalk. I lecture people, and I brag about how awesome I am for quitting smoking, and the I lecture some more, and turn up my nose and brag some more.

I know, right? Somebody slap me, please.

So fast-forward to last September. I go up to Seattle for a weekend of grown-up fun and debauchery. My host is a smoker. We go to a club to watch his favorite band. We drink. We drink some more. We go outside the bar so he can smoke. Oh, by the way, how messed up it is that you can't even smoke in bars anymore? Why would anyone want to smoke at all after that stupid law? It's just no fun anymore.

So we're outside, he's smoking, we're people watching. I ask for a cigarette. Whywhywhywhy. I dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So I smoked. And the next day I had another one IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. And then one more. I don't think it's a coincidence that I felt like total crap for the next couple days.

I was suddenly terrified that I would want more and more again. For the next week I was vigilant. I guess I figured if I stayed aware of the potential to go back to the Dark Side, I would be strong. And guess what? No problem! It's all good. But I still feel guilty for some reason. Like I let myself down. The one thing I have always been proud of was successfully quitting smoking. Because it really was hard to do.

Yeah, yeah, and that whole having a baby thing. Whatever.

06 November 2010


Boog is with his dad's parents this weekend. I always look forward to these weekends; it gives me a break from responsibility and a chance to sleep in and stay up late and sleep in. Today I spent the day at home, cleaning, folding laundry and watching TV. And I took a nap in the middle of the day.

Okay, I got my fill of freedom. I miss him now and want him to come home.

05 November 2010

Made it By a Hair

This just in! No seriously, this post just BARELY made it in time to continue with my "post every day in November" goal. Whew!

I was all, "Wait - did I post today?" and then I was all, "OH my God, I don't remember."

And then I was all, "Crap, now I have to go check because I can't remember."

And then I was all, "CRAP, I didn't post."

And then I posted this.

The End.

p.s. To make up for the complete lack of entertainment value in this posting, I give you this entertaining thing that was not made by me.

04 November 2010

A Mid-Day Quickie (sorry, not that kind of Quickie)

Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: It is a really obscure number and you have probably never heard of it.

03 November 2010

Happiness Revisited Revisited

Today has been a really great day, and it reminded me of two of my past posts, which you can read here and here. FYI: I will NEVER tire of watching the video link in the second one.

The purpose of the Happiness posts was to list three things that made you happy today. Here are my three:

1. When dropping Boog off at preschool this morning, I gave him a hug and told him I loved him. He turned and walked a few feet away, only to turn back and run into my arms again and kiss me and say, "I love you too, Mommy." Then I melted into a puddle of love goo.

2. When putting Boog to bed tonight, after finishing a couple more pages of his favorite book of the moment, Our Universe, we turned out the light and chatted about our day. Then I kissed him goodnight, said "Goodnight my sweet boy" and started to get up to leave. He snaked his little arms around my neck and said, "Don't leave yet. Stay for four more minutes." So I did. And I melted into another puddle of love goo.

3. Finishing all my dishes and laundry tonight before 9pm, allowing me a night of sweet, sweet boob-tube watching. And blogging. And Facebooking (DUH!).

So what are three sources of happiness for you today? Recounting them will make you happy all over again, I promise! Trust me, I'm a doctor.